What a busy week it’s been! Although it’s taken some poking around, at least the skeleton of this site is up and running, ready to be fleshed out in the next couple weeks.

Getting set up with the domain alone took a bit of thought. What name should I use? It was a simple question, but there were several issues that I wanted to consider.

First off, was it short enough that it would be easy to remember? There were many ideas that I thought of initially, but it would have taken forever to type them out. Obviously interestingthingsontheinternetlikevideosandgames.com was not going to work. Second, did it give readers a general sense of what the site was going to be about? Although not all sites necessarily are named for that reason, I wanted to have branding that was more consistent with what the site was going to be about. I felt that it just made it a little easier, for example, if people tried to recall the site, after visiting only maybe once or twice.

Eventually I settled for the name The Rabbit Hole, since that pretty much sums up people’s reaction when they find a new series they enjoy, or a new topic they are just learning about. They go down this rabbit hole, and hours later wonder where all their time when (which I also made the tagline of the site). Since I was planning to spotlight interesting channels and web games that once had me going down a similar rabbit hole, I decided that this was the perfect name for my site.

Registering the domain was surprisingly easy enough, which only took a couple minutes.

Setting it up, however, was a little trickier, probably because I used the .ca ending, which caused a couple hours’ delay before the site went online. In the meantime, I was still figuring out the password system which got me a little confused, and how to get WordPress installed. In fact, for that first hour or so I was panicked over nothing because it seemed like nothing was working, but it turns out the domain just wasn’t ready yet.

When I saw that the site was accessible, then came the “poking around stage”.  Here was a blank canvas that I could make my own.

I quickly experimented with some themes, which you can access from your WordPress dashboard. There are so many to choose from, and they all have great potential. I wanted something that was more visual, since that was the aim of my blog, drawing people in quickly. Therefore, I went for one that offered more space for thumbnails and links to create that effect.

I did find a website called wpbeginner (link here) that was useful when I was looking up specific issues I had. They have troves of short guides, and even a blog themselves, for those that are just starting out making their own websites. Eventually I managed to get the menu header set up, as well as the basic layout of the main page, making it ready to go for posting.

The Mood Board/Vision Board

I think this whole process pretty much reflected the mood board I created last week. My main focus wanted to be a mix of 3 things: the sense of adventure, fun, and learning. I felt that these 3 qualities were something that everyone should have.

Adventure – because you should always try something new. There’s so much to experience and try, you should always have an open mind towards new and interesting things.

Fun – no matter what, having fun will help keep your spirits up and maintain your focus.

Learning – what the 2 earlier qualities will add up to. You will have learned something new, and hopefully you would have enjoyed the journey along the way.

Setting up this site has definitely been both an adventure and quite fun, to see it start off as a broken page, then gradually morph into something that is already starting to look quite nice. The best part is that sometimes I don’t even know what will come up. For example, a lot of the main homepage was just the result of poking around the settings and realizing “hey this looks nice! I’ll keep that”.

In terms of learning, I’ve also probably learned more about websites and how they are run/set up in just 1 week than any casual reading about this that I’ve done in the past. Finally, the back end of running a site has started to make a little more sense, and it’s even renewed an interest of mine to have a personal site up and running (which I put off because I wasn’t sure how to start). I can certainly see myself continuing on with this after the end of the semester, and maybe even setting up new websites for other purposes.

Overall, it’s been a wild first week, but the future of the site looks optimistic.

From the ending of Night at the Museum

Ben Stiller: “I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow…”

Robin Williams: “How exciting!”

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