A review of the website/blog Let’s Talk What I Watch

My first impressions of the site are very good from the beginning. It’s fairly clear what the blog is about just from skimming the front page (and of course, based on the name of the blog). It’s great to see that the creator is starting to flesh out portions of their site, and I can see that they’ve put some thought into the design and content of the site.


In terms of the design, the colour palette is inviting, and the custom graphic work on the homepage adds a nice personal touch to it. It almost gives me a bit of a comic book feel to it, something that emanates a feeling of fun and curiosity. The layout of the blog is very clean, with a theme that is very easy to read, and the menu is also designed well – I didn’t have any trouble navigating the site or finding what I wanted. I would say the site overall is well prepped and ready for additional content in the future.


From reviewing the ‘about’ page, and from reading a couple of blog posts, this blog is a general discussion about films, movies, etc. – any flick that might be of interest. It’s a great topic and I can certainly relate to her interest of film and TV. So many thoughts go through your mind after finishing a movie; it can prompt you to dig deeper into the film’s storyline, critique elements of the movie, or generate hours of discussion and comparison to other films we’ve watched. I feel there’s going to be plenty to discuss and many directions that this topic can be taken in.

Based on the posts that have been published, I can already begin to identify the sense of self that the creator is developing, and I feel the creator has done a good job in presenting a coherent style that takes advantage of this platform.

First off, the voice that is presented is clear; a person that is relatable and reduces the distance with the average reader, as opposed to the typical distance that exists between a formal review site and its audience. I feel this is consistent with the notion that we are independent publishers, rather than major publishers that operate in a more structured, hierarchical setting than we are used to.

The writing style also projects that feeling. Most posts are typically written with a more informal tone, that is both easier to read in a technical sense, and also ties into the theme of an informal movie reviewer that is giving their earnest opinion. It conveys a sense of authenticity to the reader and genuine interest in the topic.

The visual theme of the blog also helps bring these aspects together and reinforce the idea of ‘self’ that is being presented. As previously mentioned, it has a warm palette, and the sketchbook/custom design does a good job at matching the kind of tone that is presented in the writing.

So, my general view is that the sense of self is clearly being developed. I think this also accomplishes some of the goals that we discussed, particularly in terms of breaking out of the mold of traditional platforms, and from the way the creator has synthesized the different components of writing and design to build their personal digital presence, illustrates the strengths that come with that approach.


One thing that I would recommend is maybe adding some links/media to posts (where appropriate). I enjoy the creator’s commentary, and it would tie their pieces together even better if there were links to some of the examples that are being referred to, or maybe even some of their other posts. Adding some images or media to blog posts (just like on the homepage) can draw the reader in, and it might get them clicking and further investigating other parts of the site.

Also, as a minor administrative point, it may be a good idea to hide contact info behind some clickable object or by typing spaces and brackets into the email address like john [at] gmail [dot] com. I’ve heard of bots that scour the web for contact information looking for ways to send spam, so I’ve learned doing that will prevent any general unwanted contact by bots.

Overall, I would say that this site is very well created, and certainly off to a great start! I’m looking forward to seeing what the creator has in store for their site in the near future and beyond.

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