Do you remember watching the Flintstones as a kid? It was always fun to see how they managed to live without technology, and yet somehow be able to do it in their unique way.

For example, using a small elephant to spit water out of their trunk in place of a sink. Or of course, the famous foot-powered cars, which I always thought was weird – they only needed to do that running thing at the beginning when accelerating, but when the car was in motion, they didn’t seem to need to do anything and drive it normally. If that were the case, then we definitely need some of that tech today, it would definitely save me a ton on gas.

The worst part must be stopping the car, Fred always uses his heels so his foot must be completely raw. Couldn’t they just clamp a stone to the wheels or something? Actually, that’s basically how disk brakes work…

Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that the Flintstones-style technology probably wasn’t around in the early days of humanity.

But people got around somehow, and must’ve been able to build shelters, or tools, or basic goods to survive. Even if they weren’t able to produce the same type of intricate goods that we have today, surely, we can crudely recreate some of them just by using natural materials and today’s knowledge?

I came across a channel called Primitive Technology, which delves into many of these topics. He’s been putting out videos for a couple of years now, and each of them features a different project. The unique thing about his videos is that he accomplishes all of these projects only by using natural materials – dirt, wood, straw, rocks, and that’s about it.

Just using those resources, he’s managed to create some fantastic work. For example, here’s a video of him building a small hut from scratch.

Over time he’s created weapons, tools, huts, resources, and many other things. It’s actually quite incredible how he manages to do it, to not only have the time and patience to dedicate to such a project, but to also come up with new ideas for builds.

It also raises a question: how well would you be able to survive in the wilderness with little to no resources?

Typically, this question is asked in the context of what would you do if you got lost. Most of us would probably learn how to maximize chances of getting rescued, for example, staying with your vehicle (if you were driving), or by wearing high-visibility clothing.

However, that’s always the assumption that you will need to be rescued. It makes sense since it’s practically impossible to survive on your own nowadays outside of civilization.

But what if help never comes, or that you need to live on your own for an extended period of time? It’s interesting that we’ve lived that way for thousands upon thousands of years, yet very few of us today would probably be able to survive without modern amenities.

There’s actually a sad story about a fellow who tried to live out in the wilderness by himself in Alaska, who ended up getting slowly poisoned by mushrooms. It’s definitely not easy, and there’s a good reason that not many people have tried something like that.

Do you think you would be able to manage living out in the woods? If the lights went out, and the apocalypse came, do you think that you would be able to find your way around the wilderness?

I probably won’t but I sure know what I’m going to do: I’m bringing this guy along with me.

Link to channel here.

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