A design review of the blog http://pengsphotos.com/

This week is a review of Peng’s Photos, a blog that is dedicated to featuring various original photos and a discussion of the background behind them. I do like the concept, and it’s something that works well with the format of a blog. It helps showcase some of their work and provide a brief platform to discuss their shots. I feel that there’s always a story behind a photo and learning more about it sometimes adds just a little additional element to the photo.


First off, I like that there is ample amount of white space on the page, since it makes it look clean and not as cluttered. As we discussed in the previous week, having a proper balance is important to the visual appeal of a website. As well, right from the start it’s fairly clear what the blog is about just from skimming the front page.

The layout is easy to understand. Essentially the homepage acts as a holding page for all of their posts combined, while further posts can be found by going into the links at the top of the page. The bottom section at the end of the webpage is also useful for a little bit of additional navigation aid for those trying to find their bearings around the site.

Overall, it makes sense and follows a logical order, which was one of the concepts that we read about last week, particularly in how design schemes should be intuitive to the user, in this case, the navigability of the website.

The menu is also simple and easy to navigate; there was enough context in the options and the layout was straightforward, so I didn’t have any difficulties locating his blog posts or whatever else I was looking for.

The overall design choice is consistent throughout the blog. The overall typography, theme, and layout of every page is familiar and follows a similar rhythm when browsing through them, which makes it a little easier on the reader when they’re navigating through different parts of the site, and another aspect that adds to a more positive user experience, (among other things).

In terms of incorporating other platforms, I like that they’ve linked directly to some of their social media, for example Instagram, which helps broaden their reach. In their case, it makes perfect sense since platforms like Instagram and Twitter excels in disseminating this type of content. They have a large user base that enjoys this type of content, and it also gives people an opportunity to reach out in case they’re interested in more details about each work.


Since the author has some great photos to share, I would encourage them to display their photos more prominently on the site, particularly since there’s still space to work with and the blog is specializing in images. For example, it can be embedded into the header, or as large images at the top of posts. I think it would be particularly effective on the homepage since it’s the first place where visitors land and also where they get their first impression. It gives people something to look at and draws their attention right away, especially since they’re all high-quality images.

It would also be nice to add splashes of colour around the blog to offset the more muted colours from the background and text. One way is through my previous recommendation, to feature some photos around the site in more high-visibility positions, which both brightens things up and also presents an opportunity to showcase work.

As a minor change, given the design theme of the blog where one post is shown after the other in chronological order, I would choose to center everything, but of course, that might be a design choice.

Overall, the blog is on the right track, and it was enjoyable to browse through some of the great photos that were featured on the site! I hope to see more content in the future and read about more of their experiences.

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